What is your Goliath?

Hello, everyone. I haven’t posted in a while, so here ya’ go.

I’m sitting on my front porch as I write this post. At the horizon, God has started with a shade of pink, faded it into orange, and finished up His painting with blue. And to add a little fun, He placed the moon right at the top. What an artist God is. Have you ever just sat outside and took in the beauty around you? If you haven’t, go now and do so.

Though compelling this picture might be, that’s not what my blog post is about.

Everybody and their dead uncle Joe has heard the story of David and Goliath. David goes to battle with Goliath, who is like 3 billion times David’s size (okay, a bit of a hyperbole there). Goliath is the front runner in the battle until David knocks the crap outta Goliath with nothing but a slingshot and a stone. David is totally awesome, by this point. Anyways, the way David defeats Goliath is with the rock of course, but also with none other than God by his side.

You see, we each have our own Goliath.
Other people

Whatever your Goliath is, it’s holding you back. It has you crippled in fear. And by society’s standards, it is supposed to control you.

With God by your side, however, these Goliaths don’t have to hold you back. Psalm 9:10 says:

“Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.”

Ya’ like that verse, don’t ya’?

Anyways, this verse demonstrates exactly what I said earlier. We will trust in Him to help us fight these Goliaths. He will not forsake us, as long as we trust in Him. Don’t think you can tackle Goliath? Trust in God and think again.

There comes a time when you have to look Goliath in the eye and take him out! And that time is now!

Until next time, keep smiling.

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