An Israeli adventure: the final post

Today was the last day of our time in Israel and our last day of this entire trip.

We actually got to sleep in today – 6:45 am was our wake up call! Woo hoo! I look forward to home where I can sleep later than 6:45 am.

Our day began with a 30 minute sail across the Sea of Galilee. It was such a peaceful and spiritual time for all of us. We were sailing across the sea where Jesus spent a great deal of His time ministering and where many of the great stories of the Bible took place. Interestingly enough, the Sea of Galilee is actually pretty small. I would confidently say that it is smaller than Greers Ferry Lake.

As we docked at the shore, we visited a museum that explained the history behind and the artifacts found in the Sea of Galilee. Recently, a boat was discovered on the shores of the sea; the boat was dated back to the Biblical time period and we got to watch an interesting movie on how it was excavated. Boring for most, but enjoyable for me!

After the museum, we made our way across the beautiful and historic Israeli landscape to the Mount of Beatitudes. This mountain is most memorable due to the fact that Jesus gave his most impactful sermons here – the Sermon on the Mount. Earlier in the trip, we were each given a part of the sermon to memorize, and today we collectively recited the verses as a whole in the same place where Jesus would have. Talk about moving!

It was a pretty relaxing day for the most part, so the remainder of our day we filled with small stops here and there to occupy our time. Lunch was at a local restaurant in the hills near the Mediterranean Sea.

As the day came to a close, our last stop of the trip was at an ancient city on the coast of the Mediterranean. The city was originally built by Caesar Augustus and has changed rulers over the centuries. Its ruins still remain today, with the Mediterranean Sea painting a gorgeous backdrop.

We’re staying in Tel Aviv close to the airport because we have to wake up rather early in the morning to head home – 3:45 am to be exact. My first flight leaves out at 8:05 am where I will head to Paris; from Paris I’ll fly into Atlanta then to Little Rock! Flight time and layovers combined, we’ll be traveling for around 24 hours tomorrow. But in reality, our travel time will only be 12 hours because of the time change. I leave Israel at 8:00 am and arrive in Little Rock around 8:00 pm. This time change stuff really confuses me!

Am I sad because the trip is over?

No, I’m not.

This trip has been the experience of the lifetime. The experiences I’ve had, the memories I’ve made, and the monumental places I’ve visited have all worked together to create two weeks that have changed, shaped, and molded me for the rest of my life.

I’m ready to get home and see my family, and to be back in the country that I love and call home.

Please pray for safe travels tomorrow.

Until next time, keep smiling.

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