In the everyday

“Excuse me, sir. But would you mind opening that window shade?”

I craned my neck from seat 23D to look across 23E and 23F. We started our ascent over St. Louis to Kansas City, and the night sky rested after a powerful storm as fog rose from the earth like a blanket over the cool ground.

The heat of the summer day nearly suffocated me, but not before the breeze from the cool currents of the Little Red River let me breathe again.

I walked on the shoulder of the bridge, as close to the railing as I could, as cars sped by. I faced the river and Sugarloaf mountain—a view I had taken in literally thousands of times, but only in a speeding car—and the heat and speeding cars vanished.

What do these two stories have in common? Well, they both happened to me within a week. They’re both pretty subdued stories—no cliff jumping, rock climbing or sky diving.

They both taught me a lesson. That’s it. They taught me something.

As I sat in 23D and stood on this bridge, I was taught of God. I simply opened my eyes and experienced the vastness of His creation.

In the vast expanse of His creation—in the starry night and in the streams of the river—I witnessed and understood something I often don’t. In both moments, I realized how the vastness of His creation reminds me of the vastness of His love.

As the lights of the city below speckled the dark earth and as the white clouds reached across the blue sky, I caught a short glimpse—in instances I too often take for granted—of His love. Because as far as the city lights infinitely stretched across the Missouri landscape and as far as the clouds infinitely reached across the Arkansas sky, I was reminded that the Father’s love for us is just as infinite.

Those moments taught me that finding God in the everyday is often much easier if we’d just look at the spectacular creation around us. The Father leaves us encouragements from the seat of a Southwest Airlines flight over Missouri and from the shoulder of a bustling road in Arkansas.

In His vast creation, we see His vast love. And in His vast love, we see a brighter today and an infinity with the Savior of the world.




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