Weird stage of life

As my third semester of college wraps up, I can’t help but think about how strange my current stage of life is. Somehow, 2 a.m. is a normal bedtime. Dinner sometimes just consists of Lucky Charms. College is weird, but I love it.

Perhaps one of the strangest parts of this stage of life is what (or I guess where) home is for me. I’ve come to realize that home isn’t just one place anymore. In this weird stage of life, home isn’t just Pangburn, Arkansas, anymore.

Home will always be Pangburn, Arkansas, of course. But home is also Armstrong Hall. It’s room 239. It’s second floor short hall where I live with 27 college freshmen. Home is Harding University where I’ve found myself.

Family, too, has a lot of different definitions in this weird stage of life. Of course, it’s the people I’ve spent all 19 years of my life with, but it’s also those 27 college freshmen (even if they do drive me insane sometimes). It’s my friends who I’ve barely known for two whole semesters but feel like I’ve known my whole life.

So, in this weird stage of life, home and family aren’t what they’ve always been. And even though that is weird, I’m thankful for it.

I’m thankful that this stage of life is leading me to places and people that will change my life for the better. I’m thankful for all the weird things in this stage of life — even ridiculous bedtimes and unhealthy diets. I’m thankful for all the things and people that drive me crazy and cause me stress because they make me who I am.

This holiday season, I’m just really thankful. I don’t need any gifts or big, fancy parties. I just need those places I call home and those people I call family  — no matter how different those definitions might look from what I’m used to.

Let’s be thankful for the weird stages of life.


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