Snow day // 01.06.2017

Like most Arkansans, I anxiously awaited the arrival of the forecasted snow for early this morning. Sure it was only forecast two to three inches, but it was still snow. And that’s not something we get a lot of.

My head hit the pillow at 3:30 am after I saw the first flakes fly, and my alarm rang at 7:00 am. I knew I needed to get out on campus early before everyone else did. I thoroughly enjoyed my day of snow, coffee, sledding and welcoming friends back to campus.

A quiet dorm before all of the hooligans return this weekend.
The iconic Harding swing frames my second home.
What’s a day of shooting at Harding without the towering Admin?
Snowy cedar frames the Admin.
Snowy cedar frames the Admin.
I wasn’t the only one with the idea to get out early. These two beat me to it.
This person beat me to it as well. But it’s OK because it made for a fun picture.
Welcome to Harding
My favorite tree on campus during my favorite season.
No bodies streaming into chapel today.
Snowy cedar outside Harbin Hall.
A snowy scene on Country Club Road this morning.


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