Spring Break – day one // 03.04.2017

Today marked day one of Spring Break 2017. Kendall, Sam, Silas, Hannah, Chance, Ronnie and I packed our things into two cars and took off for Minnesota where we’re staying for the week.

It was a day filled with short naps, lots of laughs and an Iowan pit stop that smelled like manure. But hey — that’s all part of the fun.

The trip, totaling travel time and pit stops, took 14 hours and 10 minutes. It wasn’t too bad considering the high-quality friendship and memories. Podcasts, audiobooks and the “Hamilton” soundtrack made the road trip a little more bearable, too.

Here are some highlights from day one.

We’re off // Sam, Silas and Kendall pick me up to begin our 13-hour car ride together.
Fueling up // Stop number two in Ozark, Missouri.
On the road // Sam in the driver’s seat and Silas in the passenger’s. Somewhere in Missouri.
On the road // Kendall in the driver’s seat and me in the passenger’s. Somewhere in Iowa.
Nap time // Hannah sleepy because of a 5 a.m. wake-up time.
Fueling up // Getting off the highway for our final stop before reaching Sam’s home. Somewhere in Iowa.
Fueling up // Kendall moved to the back seat for the final leg of the trip. Somewhere in Iowa.
Home // We finally arrived at Sam’s home in Woodbury, Minnesota, around 8 p.m. Happy to not be in the car anymore.

Also, a huge shoutout to Sam’s parents for opening up their home to us this week. We already feel so welcomed!

Tomorrow is church and lunch. And seeing Minnesota in the daylight.



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