StuPubs takes the Big Apple

A couple weeks ago, I hopped on a plane in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I spent my spring break, and flew to the east coast where I met some of my Student Publications friends to spend a couple days at the College Media Association National Conference.

The event was Sunday – Tuesday and filled with great speakers and experiences, but, of course, we spent some personal time in the evenings to explore NYC. From networking opportunities to yearbook critiques to Broadway shows, we experienced a lot in our short couple of days in the Big Apple.

Here’s a short run-down of the trip and our time at the conference.

One big positive of the conference: it was incredibly well-organized and easy to attend. We were never confused as to where to go and the hotel was easy to navigate.

Additionally, the sessions were informative and insightful. We heard from a couple students who were also from a Christian university about their struggles in being suppressed as a media organization at a Christian school. The yearbook, newspaper and website critiques were also incredibly informative and gave us good insight into improvements to consider.

One big negative of the conference: mother nature. Of course, there was no way for the conference staff to control mother nature and the blizzard it brought to the east coast on Tuesday, but changes could have been made. By the time we arrived in NYC on Saturday, the forecast was already calling for 18-24 inches of snow, and we began to worry. More importantly, the keynote for the conference was supposed to speak on Tuesday night. For us, we ended up having to fly out on Monday, completely missing the much-anticipated keynote.

Sure — the conference staff could not control mother nature. However, they could have easily anticipated the forecasted storm and moved up the keynote a couple of days for everyone to have the opportunity to hear from him.

Regardless, it was a great conference, and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

FullSizeRender 4
Mara Schiavocamp of ABC News spoke at one of the sessions and offered some great advice as to building relationships in the communications business. 



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