Seasons of life // 11.09.2017

On Tuesday (Nov. 7), I found myself with an hour in my schedule during the middle of the day, which is quite an unusual occurrence.

If I ever have any free time where I’m not napping, I like to spend it outside shooting—photographs, not skeet. So, that’s what I did. I spent my extra hour in the middle of my Tuesday across campus shooting the fall colors. It was in the low 50s, the sky was overcast and I needed and sweater and a coat to stay warm. I loved it.

My hour went by too fast, and I realized I needed to head back to my room, grab my backpack and head to class. It was a great hour, and I hope I’ll take another hour next week to do just the same. I love fall, and I loved getting to capture the fall colors, but it reminds me how excited I am for my favorite season—winter.

Here are some photos from my day.










Today, I’m thankful for seasons, and I’m thankful that I can see God at work in the changing of the weather. I’m also thankful for seasons of life.

My current season of life is a weird one—I’m constantly plagued by thinking “I just have to make it to the next day.” Although that mindset gets through some challenging points, I often find myself simply making it to the next day instead of living in the current one. It’s also a season where I’m learning a lot about myself. So, it’s a strange balance.

Today, I’m thankful for seasons—literal and metaphorical. But with my favorite season nearing and this one being harder than I expected, I guess I am just ready for the change.

For now, though, I’ll enjoy watching God in the transition (and taking some pictures along the way). I hope you can do the same.



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