Afternoon shoot & cows // 11.19.2017

I spent my Sunday afternoon on a family shoot midst cattle and warm light. I love fall and winter golden hours because the light seems just a little bit warmer.

After we started off at the grandparents’ house, we traveled down the road to a different shoot location. As we headed back to the house, I got this shot from the backseat of the truck. We had all managed to find a spot inside the truck cabs—all but one. And I loved the picture that came from it.


Thanks to my cousin Hope for asking me to take their family pictures. I’m always thankful that people trust me to capture their family’s most precious moments so they’ll have them for years to come.

After I got home from the shoot, the sky was still warm with the setting sun, and the cows were moving in the back field. They let me grab a couple shots.






This final shot was my favorite of the day. I wasn’t even focused in on this curious cow, but I noticed that he peeked his head over his friend to see what I was up to. So, of course, I had to give him some attention.

I’m thankful for families, warm fall light and cows.




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