Turning left // 11.24.2017

The sun was setting on my final full day of Thanksgiving break, and I couldn’t just sit around the house and do nothing. The weather was oddly warm but really, really nice, and the bright, warm fall-to-winter afternoon light was casting through our front door.

I had to get out and attempt to capture this last day of break. Mom and I hopped in the car, and I turned left out of our road instead of right. My go-to shooting location would find me turning right, but I decided to go left instead.

Here’s my afternoon product of turning left instead of right. Try it sometime.






These were all taken at the Ramsey’s Landing public river access on the Little Red River in Pangburn, Arkansas.

Try turning left this week—you never know what you’ll find.



Afternoon shoot & cows // 11.19.2017

I spent my Sunday afternoon on a family shoot midst cattle and warm light. I love fall and winter golden hours because the light seems just a little bit warmer.

After we started off at the grandparents’ house, we traveled down the road to a different shoot location. As we headed back to the house, I got this shot from the backseat of the truck. We had all managed to find a spot inside the truck cabs—all but one. And I loved the picture that came from it.


Thanks to my cousin Hope for asking me to take their family pictures. I’m always thankful that people trust me to capture their family’s most precious moments so they’ll have them for years to come.

After I got home from the shoot, the sky was still warm with the setting sun, and the cows were moving in the back field. They let me grab a couple shots.






This final shot was my favorite of the day. I wasn’t even focused in on this curious cow, but I noticed that he peeked his head over his friend to see what I was up to. So, of course, I had to give him some attention.

I’m thankful for families, warm fall light and cows.



More #FallAtHarding // 11.17.2017

The communications and marketing office at Harding hosts a campaign and contest each fall called #FallAtHarding. It’s pretty simple—document what you love about our university during the fall months.

I shared some of my #FallAtHarding photos in my “Seasons of Life” post earlier this month. Check that out here.

I was out around campus on Friday (Nov. 17) for a couple hours. It was the Friday before Thanksgiving break, campus was dying down and the final leaves were falling as students left for home.

I found the two-hour break in between my morning and afternoon classes, and I found some of favorite shots from the year.

Here are a couple shots from my second #FallAtHarding outing.









That last photo is not very fall, but it is representative of my favorite season—winter! The lighting ceremony is the Monday night we get back on campus, and I can’t wait.

You can check out more fall photos here from student, faculty and staff from across campus: #FallAtHarding.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Seasons of life // 11.09.2017

On Tuesday (Nov. 7), I found myself with an hour in my schedule during the middle of the day, which is quite an unusual occurrence.

If I ever have any free time where I’m not napping, I like to spend it outside shooting—photographs, not skeet. So, that’s what I did. I spent my extra hour in the middle of my Tuesday across campus shooting the fall colors. It was in the low 50s, the sky was overcast and I needed and sweater and a coat to stay warm. I loved it.

My hour went by too fast, and I realized I needed to head back to my room, grab my backpack and head to class. It was a great hour, and I hope I’ll take another hour next week to do just the same. I love fall, and I loved getting to capture the fall colors, but it reminds me how excited I am for my favorite season—winter.

Here are some photos from my day.










Today, I’m thankful for seasons, and I’m thankful that I can see God at work in the changing of the weather. I’m also thankful for seasons of life.

My current season of life is a weird one—I’m constantly plagued by thinking “I just have to make it to the next day.” Although that mindset gets through some challenging points, I often find myself simply making it to the next day instead of living in the current one. It’s also a season where I’m learning a lot about myself. So, it’s a strange balance.

Today, I’m thankful for seasons—literal and metaphorical. But with my favorite season nearing and this one being harder than I expected, I guess I am just ready for the change.

For now, though, I’ll enjoy watching God in the transition (and taking some pictures along the way). I hope you can do the same.


Away for the day // 10.07.2017

After a week of tests and yearbook deadlines, I knew I needed to get away for the day. My friend, Levi, and I spent the day in Mountain View, Arkansas. The overcast skies and low 80-degree weather made for a really great day, and I have some pictures to prove it.

Today I’m thankful for a break from school and for friends.














Back in the saddle // 08.23.2017

Almost two weeks ago, I packed up my over-abundance of shoes and clothes and moved 25 minutes back down the road to Harding University.

People often ask me what it’s like to be that close to home when I’m at college. To be quite honest, it’s the best of both worlds. I’m experiencing my own little college world here on campus, but my loving family and a free-of-charge washing machine is just a hop down the road. I’m thankful for that.

I moved back into Armstrong Hall, a place that I didn’t even want to live my freshman year. Yes, that’s right. On my housing preference form, I listed that I wanted to live in Keller Hall. HA! That just proves that what you want isn’t always what’s best for you. I’m starting junior year back here in Armstrong Hall as a resident assistant, and frankly, it’s the best job I’ve ever had.


Armstrong 126 // Come visit me in Armstrong 126, and I’ll tell you why this place is so special to me and why community is so important.


In this stage of life, people always ask you what you want to do when you graduate college. For the longest, I’ve not really known a for-sure answer to that ever-present question. But as last school year wrapped up and I begin working with college students again (as an RA and in Student Publications), I’ve realized that the answer to that question is getting nearer. And I think it involves college students.

Today marks day three of classes, and despite their challenge, I think I’m really going to benefit from my classes this semester. I’m thankful to be back in a routine where I’m excited to learn and to know more.

It’s good to back in the saddle and starting my junior year here at Harding University.

I pray this school year brings knowledge, foresight and chicken nuggets. If I can get those three things, junior year will be another great one for the history books.