In Malibu // 06.30 – 07.04.2017

When my roommate Nathan told me that he’d be living and working in Malibu, California, this summer and that he had an open bed, I started making my plans to be there. One way or another, I’d be in California for a couple days this summer.

I strategically planned to take a long weekend off from work in conjunction with the Fourth of July. My planning paid off, and I got to spend three full days and two half days there.

Here are some highlights from my trip.

Flying Southwest because flying Delta was too expensive. As always, I grabbed the window seat and didn’t complain. The Arizona landscape provided for some great scenery. Southwest, can you just sponsor me now?
One of our Saturday locations was Santa Monica Pier where we people watched and ate hotdogs.
Looks like an ad for a freaking surf shop. Geez.
Nathan’s girlfriend, Peri, was also in town, so I happily took the backseat. Truth is, I like Peri more than I like Nathan.
We spent Saturday afternoon at Venice Beach where we watched skaters for a solid 20 minutes. Mad props to them.
A pier view of Venice Beach.
A pier view of Venice Beach.
Ok – how could I not stop and take a picture of these guys?!
Much to my surprise and delight, Malibu is just as mountainous as it is beachy. I was thankful to spend more time in the mountains than on the beach.

We visited many more places than I have pictures of — Hollywood Boulevard, Malibu beaches and towns in the mountains. When I left, I was kind of upset that I didn’t get as many pictures as I had planned. But it also reminded me the importance of being in the moment when I’m visiting somewhere new. I was glad to be in the moment every minute I was in Malibu.

Malibu reminded me that humans are really incredible. In the midst of a sucky summer and longing for the start of the school year, it reminded me that relationships are important and can change your attitude completely. I saw the role of a loving community in my friend and the pure joy that comes from it. I’m thankful for the selfless and sincere people that I met in Malibu, and I hope I’ll see them again soon.

For now, I’m reminded that those types of people and communities are everywhere. And knowing that makes things a lot better.